Pretty Ponies ~ Family photographer, Oulu

To say that today was a very exciting day in the Jackson household would be something of an understatement. Evie and Rosie were going to ride ponies for the first time!

My dear friend Marika, whose son's graduation I photographed last weekend, organised today as a birthday present for Evie - and she was thrilled, let me tell you.

There were two absolutely adorable Shetland ponies - Evita and Taika - and Evita's foal, the showstealing Tarmo, who was a little over a month old!

The girls got to brush the ponies first, and feed them some carrots that Rosie wanted to bring from home, before they mounted their faithful steed, Evita.

It was lovely and sunny, a bit breezy to be fair but judging by the girls' smiles I don't think they were bothered in the slightest!

Days like these are why it's so important to take photos. Capturing special memories like these for the years ahead.

At home there is a photo of my darling Dad riding a pony when he was a little older than the girls are now - the pony was called Merrylegs and I know if we ever get a pony that's so what we'll be calling it. It's not an image that'll ever be shared publicly, or one that I think he personally liked very much, but I love that photo to bits because it's of my Dad and it was a memory I remember him sharing with us on more than one occasion.

Today was awesome, the girls were already asking on the way home when they'll be able to go again! I've a feeling that before long the girls' wishes for a new puppy might be changing into something larger that also begins with 'p' and is rather fond of carrots!


  1. love seeing a family photographer in Oulu with such beautiful images

  2. Oh my gosh! I love these. They are just so precious. You capture beautiful moments as an Oulu Family Photographer!

  3. These are adorable! I have friends who live near Oulu! I'm definitely going to be recommending you as their family photographer!

  4. Your images are great! Oulu is so lucky to have such a talented family photographer.


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