Eddie and Ellen - Family Photography, Oulu

Before we came to the UK for our summer trip I got to photograph two adorable little people to mark their birthdays, brother and sister Eddie and Ellen who turned 2 and 1 respectively. I was lucky enough to photograph Eddie's first birthday photos too - which was so much fun - and the pair of them as part of my Mummy and Me mini sessions so it's safe to say I was looking forward to this shoot rather a lot!

Children are small for such a short time that this really is a special time to be able to capture for the years to come. All those giggles and gazes, the joy and the furrowed brows.

So here's a little peek into their birthday photo session.

Sessions like these are lovely to arrange very year so you can chart and keep your child's growth, not just their height but their personality too. If you'd like to arrange a session for your children this summer, get in touch and we can arrange a time to suit you and your family!


  1. amazing work I will be sending all my oulu friends to you for their family photographer!

  2. I love these! If I need a family photographer in Oulu I'll be contacting you!


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