Red Deer Centre - Highland Safaris ~ Aberfeldy, Scotland

We had a gorgeous afternoon at the Red Deer Centre just outside Aberfeldy. The girls loved it. We were able to feed red deer, met a barn owl and they spent an hour panning for 'fools gold' and other gems.

The animals were magnificent - especially to be able to see them up close, the staff were awesome in every sense of the word (good humoured, polite, knowledgeable...) and the weather was very nice too!

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone in the area to visit - very well priced and a wide range of other safaris on offer too for the more adventurous!!

For more information, visit their website here.


  1. What a great family photographer in Oulu

  2. I love reading about your Scotland adventure! I'm sure the folks in Oulu are missing their favorite family photographer but I'm glad you got to take a holiday!


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